Best Software Company – Mellow Corporation

Definition of best software Company:

Is following facility available?


  • Best service
  • Customization available According Requirement.
  • 24*7 Support
  • AMC Cost
  • New Module Integration Under AMC Charges.
  • Free AMC Duration.
  • Users Restriction.
  • Duration of Development.
  • Support Revert time.



Customer always wants best service and customization according requirement and no charges for new module implementation, after free AMC any Charges for Support, Data security and accessible. Major problem with users restirication like per user, charges for new user addition. Software security and accuracy depends upon platform of development, Result output time also play vital role in platform where software developed. Database architect also matter for user friendly and Easy to Use.

UI should User Friendly, less Click Facility. Cloud Based along Some offline Function.


Mellow Corporation have Similar Facility like:


  • Development  According Requirement.
  • Cloud Based System.
  • No Charges For Implementation Under Free AMC(T&C applied).
  • No Users Restriction.
  • Sort Duration.
  • 24*7 Support.
  • Max 1 Hour Support Revert Time.



Mellow Corporation Services Area in Software Development:



  • Billing Cum Inventory System.
  • School Management System.
  • CRM.
  • Employment Management.
  • Job Tracking System.
  • Real eState CRM.
  • HR Management System.
  • OLA Uber Type Mobile APp.


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