Graphics Design

It takes 3-4 seconds for any of your target audience to go decide whether they’ll linger or jump to another page.”

Sad, but true today, as much as a brand can win from digital marketing, it’s got to be from the best to make an impression. A business to stand out need to be striking, so impactful that even people in a hurry are like.

“Wait what did I see?”

Today, a brand in order to stand out from the rest needs a story, every brand today holds one purpose or the other. This is their identity, but sometimes a business in their chase to gain fame & profit doesn’t end up showing the soul and personality of their brand much. This is where we can help! With our innovative graphic designs services, we can portray your business’s story & bring out its personality, its utility, its legacy, in an innovative way.

Our ideal graphic design services at your wake –

Logo Design: Logo Design

Simple, easy to decipher fun and engaging, we have just the right logo designs for you to make your brand voice its utility.

  1. Business card design:

Business Card :

This is like your ID, and it needs to look like your brand is the best out of the rest. So, our graphic designers got you covered. Unique-purposeful-crisp and smart; get your choice of Business Card design and we’ll customize too!

B). Banner Design: Web Banner

A banner is the most vital part of any website.

It needs to reflect the following –

Your brand’s purpose

It’s authenticity

A call to action done right


At Mellow Corporation, we make sure a banner speaks for the brands itself.