How Website Content Affects Search Engine Rankings

While there are many hundreds of techniques for attempting to maintain high organic search engine rankings, the most favored technique among reputable and successful SEO consultants is the process of using extremely targeted and high quality content.

An important consideration for any webmaster is the well known fact that search engines and the way they work is not a static process. The formulas and algorithms for search engines change considerably and often, and for the most part, exactly how they deliver the results they do to internet searchers is largely unknown. What works one week to gain fast first page rankings for a website may not work the next.

One thing that does remain constant is that the role of the search engine is to deliver an internet searcher the most relevant results to their query. No matter how they come to the decision, a website can gain a much higher probability of being presented on the first page of search results if it contains the highest quality and best structured information with a given niche.

What Search Engines Want

Remembering that a search engine is just a computer with a set of guidelines it is programmed to follow when attempting to deliver search results to a computer user, they want to find the best information they can. Exactly how they come to decide what the best information is, well that’s a well guarded secret.

The problem for many website owners is becoming too concerned in “how” the search engines make their decisions and not focused enough on simply providing and establishing a high quality website. This often leads to an attempt to trick search engines by using extreme or new SEO measures and experiments which rarely bring great long term results.

How to Give Search Engines What They Want and Rank Highly

SEO is not rocket science although some may state otherwise. Any business owner or website owner can ensure the chances of a website ranking are increased simply by placing well structured and high quality information on their website.

Blogs are generally considered a great way to do this. By using keyword targeted posts that contain well written information, search engines favor these sites because the writing is viewed as up to date and relevant for searchers.

The high quality content process will often take longer to achieve high search engine rankings, but is a more stable way to do so. Begin by optimizing all web pages to include relevant keywords and any other important information. Do not overuse keywords or this will cause the website to rank poorly long term.

Add a blog to the site, and set up posting to occur once every week or two with a keyword targeted for each post. Keep keywords minimal by using them in the title and first and last paragraph as a guide. This is not vital, but using a keyword in excess can be negative for rankings.

Write articles and information that can be distributed across other websites. Submit articles to article directories, do some guest blogging or guest articles for other sites within the business or website niche. Ensure the information is well keyworded and high quality and contains links back to the original website.

By creating an interlink of high quality information for a single website that is integrated both on and off site, information that is based upon a range of keywords, the main website is well placed to rank highly regardless to changes in search engine programming. Once a high quality content network is established, no matter how the search engines decide what’s relevant, by being highly relevant and regularly updated, a website has a better chance than most to rank well in search results.