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Nowadays, We are living in a fully digital world. everything is digitally connected i.e Web Development you can our mind. We have one God that’s called the Internet and second is google In the sense. whatever we need, we type in google search box, Nobody is asking anybody, Nobody is buttering anybody like ” Do you know where is Nearby Doctors Chamber?. Where is NearBy Restaurant or Coffee Shop? Now We all have one body that’ call the Internet, the Internet is now the free middleman to meet everyone and everything. You can today’s in this world everything happening over the internet. “Web Development “Today’s online shopping also saving our time and money also. Means lots thing is connected to the internet using a website and social media and In another way.In India only 500 million internet user by 2018. Everybody now days searching thing online either it’s online doctor appointment, Online shopping, Online Business Directory, Online Food Order etc and peoples getting their expense cost is lower and quality services. Means Mellow can say nowadays  “I smoke but didn’t inhale”. So in short, Make your business digitally connected and get more online visibility and more business leads across the world. Build a website  Today Mellow Corporation, an innovative, creative and experienced team and leading digital marketing (“Web development”)startup in Kolkata.